2018 Race results:

October 6th: Wicasset Speedway

First place finishes:  Hobby:  Bub Dow

                                 Early Late:  Ben Overlock

                                        Outlaw:  Dave Alexander

September 2nd:  Wiscasset Speedway

First Place finishes:  Hobby:  John Ric

                                        Early Late:  Norris Willette

August 25th:  Oxford Plains

First Place finishes:  Outlaw:  Brad Babb

                                        Early Late:  Judd Derbyshire

August 18 Race results at Speedway 95

First Place finishes:  Outlaw:  Tim Reynolds

                                       Early Late:  Nick Overlock

August 5th:  Wiscasset Speedway

First Place:                 Hobby Class:  Kevin Waterhouse

July 14th:  race results at Speedway 95 

First Place finishes:  Outlaw: Kenny Robinson

                                       Early Late: Norris Willette

July 6th  Race results at Oxford Plains Speedway

First Place finishes:   Outlaw: Sid Smith

                                       Early Late: Jud Derbyshire

June 16th at Oxford:

First place finish:      Hobby Class:  Nate Symonds

June 9th race results at Starr Speedway

First Place finishes:  Outlaw:  Sid Smith

                                       Early Late:  Caleb Willette     

May 12th race results:  Hobby class:  Adrien Williams

2019 Race results:

May 11th: Outlaws: 1st Bill Pierce, 2nd James Osmond, 3rd Nick Overlock

                Early Late: 1st Mark Zacadelli, 2nd Caleb Willette, 3rd Nathaniel Symonds

                Hobby: 1st John Knapp, 2nd Bub Dow, 3rd Jesse Michaud

June 1st:  Early Late - 1st Kevin Waterhouse, 2nd Bobby Symonds, 3rd Wally Henderson

June 15:  Hobby 1st Bub Dow, 2nd Jesse Michaud, 3rd Mark Bowie  

June 29:  Early Late - 1st Ben Overlock, 2nd Keith Smalley, 3rd Nathaniel Symonds

                Outlaws - 1st Tim Reynolds, 2nd Nick Overlock, 3rd Cody Farnsworth

July 6:      Hobby - 1st Jesse Michaud, 2nd Bub Dow, 3rd Rebecca Symonds

July 13:  Outlaws - 1st car #44, 2nd Scott Tucker, 3rd Arthur Hannaford

              Early Late - 1st Kevin Waterhouse, 2nd Bobby Symonds, 3rd Dean Grant

July 27:  Early Late - 1st Jim Kinney, 2nd Keith Smalley 3rd Ben Overlock

               Outlaws - 1st 

July 28: Hobby - 1st  Alan Gassett, 2nd Bub Dow, 3rd John Knapp

August 7:  RAINED OUT

August 17: Early Late - 1st Keith Smalley, 2nd Kevin Waterhouse, 3rd Dean Grant


August 24:  Early Late - 1st Keith Smalley, 2nd Kevin Waterhouse, 3rd 





  I just realized that we are about half way through our race season and that caused me to reflect on what has been and also look forward to what will be. In reflecting upon this first half of the 2016 race season, there are so many things that have happened that make me proud to be a member of this association. We have had first time winners. We have had racers assist other racers with donations of time, parts and knowledge to help them out when they needed it. We have seen multi-generational racing all within one family, much to the delight of all involved and witnessing it. We have ventured to new venues for our club where we were made to feel like special guests. We have returned to venues where we always are made to feel welcome and a valued part of their racing programs. We have had a weekend at one of Maine's oldest speedways just for us! We have celebrated other's achievements, just as proudly as if they were our own. We have seen the return of some of the cars and stars that began our club, with the return of the Hobby Division. They have put on some of the most entertaining shows I have seen all season. We have entertained, amused and brought back memories for our fans. I could continue for far longer than most readers would have patience for, but to say that I am proud of being part of this club is an understatement. I am looking forward for many more fun and happy memories to be forged as we play through the second half of our racing season. To be frank, however, I am also worried. So many people have put so much of themselves into the development of this club. So many people work tirelessly to maintain the ideals of this club. So many people "get it" when it comes to what we do. I am worried that the actions of a few who have demonstrated they don't "get it" will spoil it for everyone else. To "get it" is extraordinaly hard to explain. To "get it" means to first and foremost have fun! It means to respect and honor your vintage racing peers. It means to celebrate when a peer has an exceptional night as if it was your own. It means to take joy in watching family members race each other and having a ball, no matter who emerges as the winner. "Getting it" means helping out another who may be struggling with their performance. It means letting another have their time in the limelight. It means spending excellent time with close friends. It means playing with our vintage toys with others that share the same interests. It is not about having the fastest car. It is not about getting the most wins or bringing home the most trophies. It is not about collecting a huge winners purse. It is not about belittling a fellow racer because his or her car may not be as fast as yours. It is not about "driving through" a fellow racer because you can't pass them cleanly. Maybe, if you can't pass them cleanly, it just isn't your night. Maybe they were having the best night of their Wicked Good career. It's a Damn shame to take that from them if you ask me. It is not about unbridled bravado on social media (yes, I watch it!) with comments about how much faster you were than everyone else. There are too many fine people, of outstanding character involved in Wicked Good for me to allow the actions of a few who "don't get" to spoil it for the rest of us. The leadership is watching and if you happen to read this and suspect I'm talking about you, perhaps I am.

Despite this little rant, I am looking forward to an excellent half to the Wicked Good 2016 race season. In fact, I won't settle for anytthing less.

Arthur G. Hannaford, President WGVRA