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2021 Race Results:

May 8th:

Hobby Class:

  • 1st Addison Bowie

  • 2nd Bubba Dow

  • 3rd Dean Grant


May 15th:

Lee Speedway 



May 22nd:

Oxford Plains Speedway


  • 1st Norm Judkins

  • 2nd Parker Long

  • 3rd Keith Smalley


  • 1st Kevin Sherman

  • 2nd Scott Tucker

  • 3rd Jamie Young

June 5th:

Wiscasset Speedway:


  • 1st Keith Smalley

  • 2nd Ben Overlock

  • 3rd Parker Long

Outlaw: No Race

June 12th:

Oxford Plains Speedway

Hobby Class:

  • 1st Bubba Dow

  • 2nd Mark Bowie

  • 3rd Rebecca Symonds

June 26th:

Speedway 95


  • 1st Ben Overlock

  • 2nd Nick Overlock

  • 3rd Norm Judkins


  • 1st Tim Reynolds

  • 2nd Peter Robinson

  • 3rd Ken Robinson

July 9th:

Lee Speedway

No Results (Rained Out)


July 16h

Oxford Plains

Hobby Class:

  • 1st Bubba Dow

  • 2nd Dick McPhail

  • 3rd Addison Bowie

July 24th

Speedway 95


  • 1st Parker Long

  • 2nd Chris Ogilvy

  • 3rd Ben Overlock


  • 1st Pete Robinson

  • 2nd Kenny Robinson

  • 3rd Tim Reynolds

August 4th

Oxford Plains - Cancelled

August 6th

Lee Speedway


  • 1st Bob Symonds

  • 2nd Matt Gosley

  • 3rd Ben Overlock


August 14th

White Mountain Motorsports Park


  • ​1st Chris Ogilvy

  • 2nd Matt Gosley

  • 3rd Parker Long


  • ​1st Scott Tucker

  • 2nd Doug Lalame

  • 3rd Tommy Trempe

August 21st

Speedway 95 - Cancelled

August 28th

Oxford Plains

  • 1st Parker Long

  • 2nd Bob Symonds

  • 3rd Ben Overlock


September 4th

Wiscasset Speedway


  • 1st

  • 2nd

  • 3rd


  • 1st

  • 2nd

  • 3rd

September 25th

Riverside Speedway

 2020 Race Results: 

June 19th: Lee Speedway, Milford NH -

  • Early Late (winner Kevin Waterhouse)

  • Outlaws (winner Arthur Hannaford)

July 11th:  Oxford ELM (winner Bub Dow)

July 18th: Speedway 95 (ELM 1.Skip Conner Outlaw #75)

July 25th: Oxford Hobby (winner Adrien Williams)

August 1st: Oxford (1.Skip Connor - 2.Nick Overlock - 3.Parker Long)

August 8th:  Riverside (1.Chris Oglivy - 2.Nick Overlock - 3.Parker Long)


2019 Race results:

May 11th: Outlaws: 1st Bill Pierce, 2nd James Osmond, 3rd Nick Overlock

                Early Late: 1st Mark Zacadelli, 2nd Caleb Willette, 3rd Nathaniel Symonds

                Hobby: 1st John Knapp, 2nd Bub Dow, 3rd Jesse Michaud

June 1st:  Early Late - 1st Kevin Waterhouse, 2nd Bobby Symonds, 3rd Wally Henderson

June 15:  Hobby 1st Bub Dow, 2nd Jesse Michaud, 3rd Mark Bowie  

June 29:  Early Late - 1st Ben Overlock, 2nd Keith Smalley, 3rd Nathaniel Symonds

                Outlaws - 1st Tim Reynolds, 2nd Nick Overlock, 3rd Cody Farnsworth

July 6:      Hobby - 1st Jesse Michaud, 2nd Bub Dow, 3rd Rebecca Symonds

July 13:  Outlaws - 1st car #44, 2nd Scott Tucker, 3rd Arthur Hannaford

              Early Late - 1st Kevin Waterhouse, 2nd Bobby Symonds, 3rd Dean Grant

July 27:  Early Late - 1st Jim Kinney, 2nd Keith Smalley 3rd Ben Overlock

               Outlaws - 1st 

July 28: Hobby - 1st  Alan Gassett, 2nd Bub Dow, 3rd John Knapp

August 7:  RAINED OUT

August 17: Early Late - 1st Keith Smalley, 2nd Kevin Waterhouse, 3rd Dean Grant


August 24:  Early Late - 1st Keith Smalley, 2nd Kevin Waterhouse, 3rd 


2018 Race results:

October 6th: Wicasset Speedway

First place finishes:  Hobby:  Bub Dow

                                 Early Late:  Ben Overlock

                                        Outlaw:  Dave Alexander

September 2nd:  Wiscasset Speedway

First Place finishes:  Hobby:  John Ric

                                        Early Late:  Norris Willette

August 25th:  Oxford Plains

First Place finishes:  Outlaw:  Brad Babb

                                        Early Late:  Judd Derbyshire

August 18 Race results at Speedway 95

First Place finishes:  Outlaw:  Tim Reynolds

                                       Early Late:  Nick Overlock

August 5th:  Wiscasset Speedway

First Place:                 Hobby Class:  Kevin Waterhouse

July 14th:  race results at Speedway 95 

First Place finishes:  Outlaw: Kenny Robinson

                                       Early Late: Norris Willette

July 6th  Race results at Oxford Plains Speedway

First Place finishes:   Outlaw: Sid Smith

                                       Early Late: Jud Derbyshire

June 16th at Oxford:

First place finish:      Hobby Class:  Nate Symonds

June 9th race results at Starr Speedway

First Place finishes:  Outlaw:  Sid Smith

                                       Early Late:  Caleb Willette     

May 12th race results:  Hobby class:  Adrien Williams

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