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Due to the current conditions with COVID-19 and social distancing and to protect the health of our members and their families, WGVR will not be having our meetings until further notice from the Governor's office.

Thank you to all of the Race Tracks that invited WGVR to participate in their 2020 race schedules. 

Thank you fans, families and friends.


Wicked Good Vintage Racing is looking forward to a GREAT 2021 racing season.


*  MVRCA 2020 Summerfest has been postponed until 2021

* ARUNDEL** 2020 WGVR Family Fun Day postponed until 2021 


1st Race of 2020:  6/19 - Lee Speedway, Milford NH - Early Late (winner Kevin Waterhouse) and Outlaws (winner Arthur Hannaford)

7/11 Oxford ELM (winner Bub Dow)

7/18 Speedway 95 (ELM 1.Skip Conner Outlaw #75)

7/25 Oxford Hobby (winner Adrien Williams)

8/1 Oxford (1.Skip Connor - 2.Nick Overlock - 3.Parker Long)

8/8 Riverside (1.Chris Oglivy - 2.Nick Overlock - 3.Parker Long)

DRIVERS:  All cars must be inspected before going on any track!  Contact your Division Director with any questions on meetings, inspections, practices or races.


COVID-19 Update from Wiscasset Speedway.
Due to the extension of the Governor’s stay at home orders and subsequent plans for slowly opening businesses and group activities, we will be suspending our 2020 racing schedule until further notice. However long – or short – this suspension will be is unknown at this moment.

Our plan, for now, is to continue to communicate with state officials to determine specifically when we will be able to conduct group practices and eventually races.

In the meantime, the track will be available for individual car practices as well as tire & parts sales BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
• limited to driver and maximum 5 crew members
• call Vanessa Jordan (207) 491-3720 between 9a-5p Monday thru Friday to schedule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Ken Minott


Message from Rosey Gerry 207-975-5432 

      Everything is fine here, except not much for work with most places closed down and the mud season!

Got to say weather hasn’t helped!

If the winter months aren’t long enough, we get hit with this, so one thing I did was go winter camping, found that to be quite rewarding even though I hate winter. still was fun!


        Missed seeing you all over the past months, and still we don’t know when we will be able to get together!

Been working when it’s half/way nice out, on my Caboose camper, it’s a slow process!


That being said, before we go any further, there is  NO WG MEETING  for May.


So, one thing we should be doing is calling one another and just say "how ya doing” or tell us what’s new with your racecar or what’s going on in your life we’d like to hear it!

Let’s not die on the vine!

Keeping in touch with one another can help pick up one’s spirits when things are dry! 


       When will we be racing this season, it’s a good question, the future is unknown at this point in time, that’s why it would be good to keep in touch with your division directors if no one else! ……..All division's should be doing this!


That being said Hobby Division drivers if you’ve only taken one class or haven’t taken any I’m gonna leave it up to  you  to contact me to bring you up to date! Don’t let this slide and just show up and say “I Didn’t know or I thought”!   Disappointment is a real let down, but rules need to be followed! 


And if this shut down should open up so track’s decide to let you go practice, Call me and I will come to inspect your car. 


Hobby Division people!



We will get through this, but only if we work together, Our WG president will keep us informed as soon as he and the race director hear something.

In the mean time talk to each other no matter what division your in, it builds strenght!


Those of you who have or do face book please pass this on!


Hobby people you may get this twice cause your on both list!


Be safe, and don’t take chances whether on the street or home, or on the track, it’s just not all about you!


Hope to see you all soon!


All MEETINGS are held at Governor's Restaurant, 376 Main St, Waterville, ME 04901 on the first Sunday of the month during the non-racing season

Club Officers



  Keith Rankin 207-240-4251   


Vice President

   Brian Hughes



   Nick Overlock 207-691-8280



 Charlene Jeranka (207) 314-5340

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It is the intent of Wicked Good Vintage Racers to provide a forum and environment in which the racing of vintage automobiles can re-emerge and once again flourish within the State of Maine. This association of vintage racing enthusiasts is established as a medium for communication, sharing, and mutual support of its members, and those others sharing an appreciation of vintage race cars. It is a goal of this organization to locate and/or establish facilities providing for regularly scheduled vintage racing events. It is further the intent of this organization to cultivate positive and respectful relationships among all participants, in order that vintage automobile racing provide an exceptional degree of family fun and enjoyment.


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